About us

Pecker Bone is Straight Up Sports. Pecker Bone is driven by the everlasting need for the world of hardcore action sports, hobbies and alternative beliefs to be sustained. In a world full of hardships in everyone’s daily struggle for survival you need a brand that you can wear, believe in, and live by. Pecker Bone Strait Up Sports Company can fulfill that need.

Pecker Bone has old school roots in endless action sports. Whether you hunt big game or fish for big fish, go muddin’ in your 4x4, or just plain old love racin’ Pecker Bone can handle the ride. We are devoted to recognizing heroic action jobs like Firefightin’, and for those of you who just love action sports and have alternative beliefs we are always there for you too.

Let Pecker Bone be strait up with you and get you back to the raw basics. Just give that throttle a twist, that rod a cast, or that pedal a push and keep rockin’ your Pecker Bone style. We Strait Up love the world of sports!

Pecker Bone Strait Up Sports Clothing